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Radiological understanding of UX for patient's needs

Recent IT advances in the treatment of...

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Pacientes y su información. una huella trazable

En la ahora  llamada consumer-driven health information economy,...

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Reshaping chronic care from bottom to up

One in four adults had multiple chronic...

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Lecciones del Digital Next (DXNT/18)

“I could either watch it happen or...

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Change role when user expires? '

function handle_on_expire_default_to_role( $expired_user ) { //if (...

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change role on the first log in Wordpress

add_action( ‘loop_start’, ‘personal_message_when_logged_in6’ ); function personal_message_when_logged_in6() {...

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Add Tab links profile Sidebar in Woocomerce with points

/* Tab links Apps woom */ add_filter(‘um_account_page_default_tabs_hook’,...

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Add fields after registration in Wordpress Ultimate Member

add_action(‘um_after_new_user_register’, ‘submit_myfield’, 10, 1); function submit_myfield($user_id){ $psswd...

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Add fields to profile with API RESTplugin User Plus

/* Add fields*/ add_filter(‘user_contactmethods’, ‘my_user_contactmethods’); function my_user_contactmethods($user_contactmethods){...

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New tab ultimate member action

add_filter(‘um_account_page_default_tabs_hook’, ‘my_custom_tab_in_um’, 100 ); function my_custom_tab_in_um( $tabs...

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Add attributes to our checkout fields in Woocomerce

function wc_add_checkout_add_ons_attributes( $checkout_fields ) { $add_on_id =...

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Necesitamos más radiólogos? Rta/No.

El mundo en estos tiempos está sobre...

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E-MARKET PLACE EN SALUD: (Pillpack) Part 2

Amazon en healthcare retail: Caso Pillpack La...

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Las proyecciones de los últimos años en...

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Radiology Innovation in Healthcare delivery 2018

Failure of technological innovation in heathcare is...

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