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A new patient-driven healthcare mantra

In order to make possible to streamline...

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Radiological understanding of UX for patient's needs

Recent IT advances in the treatment of...

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Pacientes y su información. una huella trazable

En la ahora  llamada consumer-driven health information economy,...

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No more CD-ROM: The next logical radiology step

Despite a successful transition from film-based to digital imaging in radiology, both radiology...

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Reshaping chronic care from bottom to up

One in four adults had multiple chronic...

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Lecciones del Digital Next (DXNT/18)

“I could either watch it happen or...

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RIS-PACS vs Personal Controlled Health Record (PCHR)

  La diferencia entre un acceso remoto...

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BITCOIN en salud (Dapps)

Apesar de un nacimiento oscuro y controversial...

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Informes radiológicos centrados en la imagen

Informes radiológicos centrados en la imagen: El...

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