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Blog analysis

Blog platforms have moved to enterprise field under this analysis:1. Blogger is for one employees companies that can run by adding its domain under the Google Cloud.2. Wordpress is replacing Drupal sites and more and more companies is moving from ...

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iPhone 4 Antenna Gate Solution

The idea is simple:1. Apple needs to avoid a recall and suspend bumper giveaways.2. Apple redesign the antenna software voltage.3. Antenna is divided in two sides, left-handed and right-handed. 4. Under setting of the iPhone, or when unlock it fro...

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New business oportutinies in Colombia

According with mckinseyquarterly despite global market slowdown, new changes in business in Colombia have taken place due to the Productive Transformation Program. See this

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Things you can do Only on an iPad in my first 3 days

1. View videos with you children and let them handle the iPad no mess with mouse nor keyboard. 2. Check mail and read full articles on the way as full width.3. Review my symptoms in WebMD.4. Navigate while lying in bed (horizontally) or in the bat...

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My iPad Avatar


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cambiando blogger & wordpress a Posterous

Despues de varios años de probar blogs y configurarlos, el mejor dentro de la premisa "Less is More" , se llama Posterous. Con este blog me olvido de los plugins, de los Ads de Google y de todas las configuraciones innecesarias en un Blog. Aunque ...

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Changing the way of creating software for macs

There is a better way to develop your app for Macs (Always).The best practice is to change the brain storming for designing to a non-rush designing way.The less is more, is a risk old saying that Colombian Football Directors use to say when Colomb...

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Medical IT vision

"e-health needs to develop apps that can be used in every corner, regardless of the economic state to work with the simplest of devices."Read full story here:

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Health 2.0

B uen presentacion sobre e-health Health 2.0 Salamanca (18 Sept 2009) VfView more presentations from Helena.

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Web 2 0 Heroes Interviews With 20 Web 2 0 Influencers

Buen analisis de pensamiento de los mejor en 2.0 Web 2 0 Heroes Interviews With 20 Web 2 0 InfluencersView more documents from guest775c5.

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Top 20 Web 2.0 Tools

Escelentes 20 herramientas para e-salud Top 20 Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers and LibrariansView more presentations from scyuen.

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Nuevo enfoque

El nuevo enfoque para mi blog debido al corto tiempo que tengo es recopilar los videos y ppt de las mejores presentaciones o documentos sobre e-health 2.0.Creo que asi puedo darle mas vida a este blog...( This blog only content link and embed vide...

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Video de e-health 2.0

Health 2.0 Opening Video - 2007 from Health 2.0 on Vimeo.

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Atelectasias Create A Quiz Atelectasias Quiz Maker

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Undermining Social Media in Politics 2.0

If you take in count that Social Media Political Campaigns should not be used sell candidates directly, then you realized that perhaps not every candidate needs a social media campaign over all kinds of platforms.If you will use a microblogging as...

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