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Un Yeso a la medida, un EMR para cada uno de nosotros

Así como tiene todo el sentido del...

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Introducción a Mi teoría y estrategia del todo para ser feliz

Introducción a la teoría de la vida...

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Web 3 en salud

Un error no se convierte en verdad...

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Balance in medical search web pages

Finding a balance of what your are...

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El nuevo cambio de UID del Skeuomorfismo al mundo plano FLAT

Esa palabra rara llamada Skeumorfismo, (que todavia...

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Integrating Semiotics Perception in our Lives

Leyendo a Chan (2008) , encontre una...

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Social Radiology Trail: How About Privacy?

My analysis of dealing with social and medicine among radiologists, patients, residents and Web 2.0 (Social sites), its potential frauds and how to prevent them. This work was presented at past RSNA 2010.

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Medicine gets social networks

Yesterday S. Jobs intruduce iTunes 10, we have found a interesting example of how take advantage of social networking in healthcare. Despite reluctance doctors to adquire social networking into their Medical-Patient Realationship. This is a good e...

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Medicine Web Portals are lacking patient interface.

Designing a great medical software is difficult for doctors directors, and many CIO`s rely only in CMS.But take care of mistakes... IT is transforming the way of doing medicine now by entering healthcare into the digital mainstream, however too mu...

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Bye Bye Google Analytics

For the first time I can see my post hits on the manage admin interface without entering in Goggle Analytics. One of the was visited 90 times in 3 days. That's an advance. Then I can dive deeper later on a selected post Another advantage of Posterous

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#2 Things you can do Only on an iPad in my first 10 days

1. Make presentation in keynote for iPad, for clients without need of videobeam (5 people at most) 2. Send bday gifts of sketchs photos (sketchMee)3. Post geolocation post in posterous4. Admin my WP sites differently5. Sort my tasks and dues on So...

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Mac an iconic brand covering some errors into Predecessors.

1. iCube: Did not work. Discontinued. Predecessor of iMac. 2. iPhone 3G Signal drops:Resolved. Upgraded to 3GS. 3. iPhone 4G Antenna gate: Unresolved. 4. Apple printers:Did not work. Discontinued. Dead end. 5.Newton:Did not work. Discontinued. Pre...

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Bye Bye iTunes , Hello GrooveShark

Instead of Dreamweaver I use Wordpress. Instead of Blogger I use Posterous. Instead of iTunes now I use Grooveshark, the best music online. Millions of songs to stream for free! To play this music out of the Mac I use Airfoil to stream music to my...

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