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Audible List book ranking 2017

Here is my ranking of book read...

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Como nuestro historial de pagina visitadas es una fuente de mercado

Con una linea de Java script nuestro historial de visitas son visitadas por sus autores para ver si hemos estado ahi antes.La forma de identificarlo es si cambia de color el link al cual hemos hecho clic.Existen programas como skyjax que hacen aut...

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Medical Digital Design is not Drupal, WP, or any CMS only....

Designing a great medical software is difficult for doctors directors, and many CIO`s rely only in CMS.But take care of mistakes... IT is transforming the way of doing medicine now by entering healthcare into the digital mainstream, however too mu...

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This image shows why many medical software fails while others succeed...

(Image stolen from Thom Holwerda without permission)

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Backstage in your mind: well-aware-ness apps

  There are always a number of...

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Facebook Privacy Makes The Cover of Time Magazine

This is a bad example of how using social sites for sharing information of 500 millions users.Could you think what might happen if instead of pictures and private info at FB, all our Electronic Medical Info where exposed inadvertedly??Social sites...

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Un Yeso a la medida, un EMR para cada uno de nosotros

Así como tiene todo el sentido del...

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Introducción a Mi teoría y estrategia del todo para ser feliz

Introducción a la teoría de la vida...

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Web 3 en salud

Un error no se convierte en verdad...

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Balance in medical search web pages

Finding a balance of what your are...

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El nuevo cambio de UID del Skeuomorfismo al mundo plano FLAT

Esa palabra rara llamada Skeumorfismo, (que todavia...

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Integrating Semiotics Perception in our Lives

Leyendo a Chan (2008) , encontre una...

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