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A new Radiology App Reporting Quality Assurance System (RQAS): Introducing the era of interactive patients portals

Want to receive your reports via email rather than the dreaded fax/paper? A new delivery system is the answer.  Both patients and treatment physicians can get, access and request images and reports inside in email.


A Delivery  Quality Assurance Radiology System ensures all patient reports are delivered securely into referrers patient management systems via Cloud Connect, all claims are processed with transparency, all doctors reported are available during appointments and patients don’t need to handle anything. If patient is concerned if your doctor is correct, and wondering if the diagnosis is correct for patient treatment plan, the system can be used for requesting a second opinion with a click of a button.

A delivery/Appointment/quality system  is a software program that provides safe, simple and secure transfer of clinical and patient data via email. The software runs on any doctor’s computer or dedicated server alongside existing clinical software and enhances internet email with additional features for clinical needs such as security through the use of PKI encryption, Standard HL7 organisation of the clinical data for computer-to-computer interoperability and additional mechanisms that ensure all documents are received reliably by the intended recipient.
An incorporated Messenger is the core of the Radiology Delivery product which manages the sending and receiving of encrypted messages.

The following is the top -notch workflow of a solution for any radiology department:


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