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A new patient-driven healthcare mantra

In order to make possible to streamline each doctor visit and improve health care we need to provide the right tools that increase efficiency and improve communication between patients and healthcare providers outside healthcare facilities.

Its known that  patients are best served when they are empowered  with their IT tool they use on daily basis such a Apps– where they can keep and share knowledge, data, etc. But now the Challenge is how they can  hook them up into their Personal Health records to help doctors in their confidence to make the best decisions.

Now patient´s empowerment  is the central figure in the healthcare timeline, despite the huge gap between Apps and Medical Records – and that empowered patients are the key to solving many of the challenges with our healthcare system like care coordination and interoperability.

The need a long life connectors in healthcare will make possible to help to get into the mainstream healthcare Apps that serves both ways, one for patients to collect their medical information, and also for doctors to have a reliable Healthcare Information Connection outside of the office. This is what we believe that MEDPIKE will make now possible.

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