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Reshaping chronic care from bottom to up

One in four adults had multiple chronic conditions. Two of these chronic diseases, heart disease and cancer, contributed to 48% of all deaths. Nearly of 50% of medical treatments were abandoned in chronic conditions decreasing the interval of doctor office appointments.

Chronic disease is especially significant in the spanish speaking population in the US.  Among the 50 million Hispanics/Latinos currently living in the United States, making up about 16 percent of the population, the prevalence of total diabetes (both diagnosed and undiagnosed) among all Hispanic/Latino groups was roughly 17 percent for both men and women. When we look at Hispanic/Latino groups individually, prevalence varied from a high of 18.3 percent for those of Mexican descent to a low of 10.2 percent for people of South American descent.

As seen in other populations, the risk of Diabetes rose dramatically with age, reaching more than 50 percent for Hispanic/Latino women (overall) with an increasing risk that reach a peak for 70 years with 44% percent. So the longer a person lived in the United States, the more likely they were to develop diabetes, and the more education and income they had, the less likely they were to develop diabetes. Despite controls there is a poor glycemic control (52%) and/or lacked health insurance (48%).

MEDPIKE was established in 2014 to reduce frustration and improve health by connecting doctors and patients in outpatient care, and will introduce a product soon to sync clinical outcomes with mind-body medicine.


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