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Sorting Radiology Dosimetry fragmentation Data, granting a controlled access and lifelong de-identified data system

Healthcare data has an extraordinary potential to teach us so much thing about our lives, based on our medical data. However, information blocking practices inside the hospital and EMR systems creates an unreasonable interference and awareness as a huge detriment to efficient healthcare practice. Blocking data takes place because of policies that prevent the sharing of information as well as practices that make sharing extremely impractical.

In radiology dosimetry usability, the data is a fragmented isolated sylo, not merged nor organized for each radiologist or patient. In the first case, who get a monthly report from different unconnected hospitals or clinics, and the the latter with dose of exposure in the printed radiology report. At least, in the case of radiologist whenever a report found with an abnormal measure, an alert is sent by the hospital.

This critical problem is common in healthcare. With more healthcare data generated by doctor/patient in radiology, and despite the incredible amount of devices that can drive health date in personal smartwatch or similar during not only in periods of disease but during fitness and healthy living, the power of measuring radiation dosage in undermined.

The data could empower research and future predictions on disease behavior for better care, and the same for radiation dose absorbed in a person (that is, the amount of energy deposited in human tissue by radiation) is measured using the conventional unit rad or the SI unit gray (Gy).

Nevertheless, still doctors can not action better strategies not only for them, but for the patients themselves that also are exposure (every time when a radiation passes through the body some of it gets absorbed), so researchers cannot come up with new preventive care and lastly, insurance companies can not offer better rates as well as incentive programs.

Today most of these data is in not digital format, disconnected and spread across different vendors or trapped in data silos in providers’ databases.

Medpike makes possible that patient and doctor can access for their data. In a new Data Labor economy, the more affected and imbalanced by a disease, the more rewarded in our system depending on quality healthcare data the patient can be.

Medpike Blockchain Dosimetry has the potential to create a permanent, accurate, secured and accessible Medical Summary Timeline Healthcare Record system for Latin America as well as the world.

Blockchain dosimetry includes:

  • A public, distributed and immutable ledger serving as a pointer to data containers (files storage like S3, Dropbox or database like MySQL, MongoDB), or by a simple drag and drop pdf clinical summaries interface.
  • A smart contract to manage access and permission rules to a network of disparate data-sources, granted by patients granting automatically access to bets research.
  • A desktop client to serve as an interface to existing data storage as well as enable the ability to contribute to computer resources.
  • A mobile wallet interface to store data transfer. 
  • An agreement to transfer BTC with a company.

Market Dynamics

Agents and agents’ incentives in the Health Care market.

  • Patients
    • Easy access to health care service in emerging markets
    • Payless for health care services the more coins they get or Get Paid whenever a stakeholder pay-per-view data.
    • Access to data to understand their health in a timeline web/responsive viewer.
    • Get better health care advice from Hipercondria 
  • Health Care Providers
    • Make money from optimizing health care services.
    • Smarter investments based on their real disease behavior community for medical devices or pharma backend orders.
    • Provide good & compliant service to patients.
    • Develop more efficient and effective methods for health care service.
  • Researchers
    • Access to Data to improve their research with protected de-identification data
  • Raise funding for their research
  • Bring their research to market
  • Health Insurance Providers
    • Access patient data for better risk management
    • Get more revenue from insurance subscription risk management
  • Regulators
    • Ensure health care provider following regulation
  • Make progress in medical research

System Design


Block content = Data Ownership and Viewership permission.

User smart contract to track state transition like change in viewerships right or birth of a new record.

Eth-smart-contact → Log Patient/Provider Relationship that associate a medical record with

  • Viewing permission.
  • Data viewer permission.
  • Data retrieval instruction.

Include a cryptographic hash to avoid data-tampering. The provider can add records.

The patient can authorize the sharing of data and have an accountable wallet of payment

MEDPIKE wallet with a transactional fee.

A contract to store all medical history.

Identity Confirmation via Public Key Cryptography → Employs a DNS like implementation to map name/SSN to Ethereum wallet address.

A syncing algorithm to handle data exchange “off-chain” ⇒ Reference to the blockchain to confirm permission to authenticate. 

Each request in getting the block to access medical data require payment from insurance or another stakeholder, once has been “partially privacy” de-identify.

A payment transaction is defined by MEDPIKE based on the quality and demand of disease and patient´s data relevance. Each payment in Eth or in BTC is sold to granting access to the timeline and dashboard of disease inside the MEDPIKE interface. A small fee is transferred in the block to MEDPIKE (as kind of miner fee) and the rest is sold to the patient inside their wallet.

Blockchain background

Blockchain ⇒ Decentralized Computing resource

The blockchain contains State-transition instruction to morph a state-machine into its current state.



Smart Contract ⇒ Enable advanced functionality to code into the system. Smart Contract contains metadata about

  • Record Ownership
  • Permission
  • Data-Integrity
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