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Backstage in your mind: well-aware-ness apps


There are always a number of processes happening backstage in your mind when innovating, such as data  being downloaded from the real world experiences, or when  calculations are taking place. Such process always take some time.

You should let your users know that the app you have created isn’t frozen and to indicate the status of ongoing processed.

Also give them visual signs of progress as a sense of control over the innovation process.

Always apply my rule:


Reduce a user’s perception of time

Having all small details means the difference between having to guess what will happen next and knowing what the innovation means in either state.

My new way of deep state of mind when creation takes place: adds life to any design, and also engages users in even the most routine tasks, and of course make your users stand out from above the crowd.

Well-designed apps in healthcare make the experience feel crafted.

Innovation is music, if can wired  our emotional and spiritual state to the foreseeing of our well-aware-ness.

In my case my music to hardwire ideas is coming from Moscow group called Raw Code...








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