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Medical Digital Design is not Drupal, WP, or any CMS only….

Designing a great medical software is difficult for  doctors directors, and many CIO`s rely only in CMS.But take care of mistakes…


IT is transforming  the way of doing medicine now by entering healthcare into the digital mainstream, however too much careful must be taken when designing for IT.


As I presume many if not all current medical websites including private or public clinics (such as in Colombia), are making a great mistake when migrating straing forward to Drupal, WP, Oracles sites, or any other CMS, without thinking in UID.


UID is not rocket science, users have the answer not the designer!!!!


Brainstorming a medical  site or any other software such as RIS, HIS, LIS, etc, implies that many doctors or patients needs to browse sites before approving it.


My suggestion for a key successfully Website or software strategy for any  hospital, or healthcare provider is:


1. First use Google’s Website Optimizer as A/B Testing. Second, use WP with a  Google Website Optimizer Plugin to calculate statistically conversion rate. You will see incredible results….


2. Use the following  diagram  when designing medical software with your provider: 




Have fun….


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