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Add fields to profile with API RESTplugin User Plus

/* Add fields*/

add_filter(‘user_contactmethods’, ‘my_user_contactmethods’);

function my_user_contactmethods($user_contactmethods){

$user_contactmethods[‘yim’] = ‘field’;

$user_contactmethods[‘nickname’] = ‘fields2’;

$user_contactmethods[‘mobile_number’] = ‘fields3’;

$user_contactmethods[‘cedula’] = ‘fields4’;

$user_contactmethods[‘role’] = ‘fields5’;

$user_contactmethods[‘aim’] = ‘fields6’;

$user_contactmethods[‘user_url’] = ‘fields7’;

$user_contactmethods[‘description’] = ‘Cfields8’;

$user_contactmethods[‘jabber’] = ‘fields9’;

return $user_contactmethods;

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