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Top 10 Quality Assurance items for Online Dashboards


I have been using DAYTUM for a while, and in its simplicity remains its power.

With Daytum, you need only consistency in adding data, as simple as you can, on a daily basis format.

The following list is my quality assurance of dashboards in the Web, as a checklist:

1. Ability to group items.

2. Ability to select graph interfaces.

3. Ability to add variables on th fly.

4. Posibility to export data in various formats.

5. Ability to group and sync data to Dropbox, iCloud, FTP, etc.

6. Unlimited dashboards.

7. DYI dashboard configuration, with drag and drop features.

8. UID with responsive layout for tablets and mobile.

9. HTML 5 is desirable, but just in case HTML5 with Flash or Silverlight fallback support for non-HTML5 browsers.

10. Ingregration of dashboard with timelines, all dashboard must link items -back and forth- to original logs in order to be useful.

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