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iPhone 4 Antenna Gate Solution

The idea is simple:

1. Apple needs to avoid a recall and suspend bumper giveaways.

2. Apple redesign the antenna software voltage.

3. Antenna is divided in two sides, left-handed and right-handed.

4. Under setting of the iPhone, or when unlock it from iTunes for the first time, iPhone  asks user if his/her is left or right handed.

5. Then iPhone release more power to the contrary side of the hand of the user to avoid breakdown.

6. In the forthcoming version of iPhone 4, a proximity sensor changes dynamically the side of the hand without asking.

7.This new future version of the iPhone 4, can also use all 4 sides of the iPhone which reduce the possibility that user's hand cover all the 4 corners at same time or find a superconductive material that keep out of hands reach the metal of the antenna.

8. Cheers Steve!
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