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Changing the way of creating software for macs

There is a better way to develop your app for Macs (Always).

The best practice is to change the brain storming for designing to  a non-rush designing way.

The less is more, is a risk old saying that Colombian Football Directors use to say when Colombia always loose a match but at the end something was supposed to be won (nobody still know what was)

But to software development is al the way around.

The best practice for Mac designing is:

1. Adopt a “ no-rush attitude” that doesn’t convert into a doing less attitude.

2. Create first a workflow before anything else.

3. Do not look into details.

4. Leaves the designers the look and feel.

5.After creation leaves your work alone one week, and come back to review again

6. Once you have created your wireframes, share the links to your pals

7. See some examples of web 2.0 at the end of the creation, not at the beginning, otherwise your initial idea will be dissolved and will be bloated.

8. Never look and trust in Windows Usability of software examples.

9. Buy and read this book: Rework 

10. Try to think different between iPad and Web versions…

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