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Undermining Social Media in Politics 2.0

If you take in count that Social Media Political Campaigns should not be used sell candidates directly, then you realized that perhaps not every candidate needs a social media campaign over all kinds of platforms.

If you will use a microblogging as a SMS sort of repository on-line, -one way of info- then you are misunderstanding the power of Twitter.

At the other hand, if your comments or post in Politics Blog do not enhance conversations then you have wasted your time.

Each network is different from another. So the most common mistake in Politics 2.0 takes place when posting same info over different networks. It is totally different to post in Facebook, in Twitter or on your blog.

By thinking the opposite, it is now clear that a few people actually know how to leverage these channels to build the advocacy they are trying to especially when capturing potential voters.Then the question now is: Which, and how do you select your platforms (among Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Hi5), and how you optimize publications for your selected networks?

First step: Review your metrics. Remember that you can’t change what you can’t measure.

Second step: Develop a guide or Plan to convert a single idea o comment for each Platform.

Third step: If you are taking seriously Social Campaigns, listen first your community. (e.g. In the case of Twitter, who is following your followers – you need as well metrics for this).

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